What is Preventative maintenance ?

Preventative maintenance is the services that’s performed to your vehicle to help maintain it. Doing your recommended preventative maintenance can add life to your vehicle. you should always have the maintenance done on your vehicle according to your service intervals. All vehicles have a 30 K 60 K and 90 K mile maintenance intervals. The services on your vehicle includes filter changes tire rotations Break services fluid services tune-ups drive belts etc. the simple and straightforward reason for preventative maintenance is it helps reduce costly breakdowns. Preventative maintenance helps extend the life of the components being serviced. Changing your fluids and filters on time is key to a healthy vehicle.

Preventative maintenance and why it’s important

Your Engine, radiator, transmission, Power steering pump, brake system and even the windshield wiper System all depend on the fluid that’s operating within them. The fluid is important for these systems to operate properly. Over time these fluids breakdowns losing their ability to lubricate and protect the moving components. They also build up debris overtime which can really shorten the life of these systems. Neglecting these components and not performing the proper maintenance can lead to premature failure of these operating systems. Your vehicle was also equipped with filters. You have engine air filters, transmission filters, Engine oil filters, fuel filters you even have air conditioning filters. All of these filters also help protect the systems to operate properly. Just like your engine oil filter removes trash from the engine oil to help keep the engine clean, these other filters work in the same way. Your vehicle has scheduled intervals that recommends to replace and service these filters and fluids.

All vehicles have 30 K 60 K and 90 K service intervals. Even though you have these service recommendations it is still possible for some things to fail and needs service earlier than expected. For this reason it’s a good idea to have your basic services like an oil change done at a full service auto repair shop. The reason being is it gives a trained automotive mechanic a chance to see any issues your car may have. Being able to catch maintenance issues early is critical to preventing costly repairs. This is also a type of preventative maintenance. Our automotive preventative maintenance repair facility checks every vehicle extensively for any issues when you come in for any service. This service is absolutely free. Our goal is only to make our customers aware of any issues they car may have, or services they may need in the future. Preventative maintenance helps keep your vehicle on the road instead of on a tow truck. When you service your vehicle properly breakdowns are far less common then when you neglect them. Our automotive repair facility has all the service intervals in our system that your vehicle requires. We have the equipment to perform all maintenance and services to your vehicle.