brake services


Our automotive repair shop offer quality break services at competitive prices. Your brake system is constantly working to help stop your vehicle. Over time as with everything your brakes start to wear down and will need to be serviced. Every time you press the brake pedal your master cylinder pushes fluid through the brake lines. The fluid travels through the lines to brake calibers and drums. This fluid gets very hot and degrades over time. Your brake fluid is also very absorbent and accumulates about 1% of water per year. This will lead to your brake fluid needing to be service over time. Your brake fluid pushes the piston in the brake caliber which in return pushes the brake pads against of Rotors. Every time your brake pads squeeze against the rotors to stop your vehicle they both wear down a little. Eventually over time they will need to be serviced.

A1 Auto Masters automotive repair facility will check your brake system for free. We will let you know about any concerns and schedules services as needed. We also take a quick look at your breaks whenever you come in for an oil change or ant service. Catching things early help's with keeping the service cost down on repairs. For instance if you service your brake pads before they wear all the way down you can save the rotors from damage. It's important to catch things early and we pride ourselves on doing that at our automotive repair shop.

How can you tell if your brakes needs service ?

They are some ways you as the driver can tell if your breaks may need to be serviced. Some of the symptoms you may experience if your brakes need service are​​​.

  1. Squeaking our grinding noise when pressing break
  2. Hissing noise when pressing break
  3. Hard to press brake pedal
  4. Vibration in steering wheel when pressing breaks
  5. Spongy or soft brake pedal
  6. Car pulling to one side when breaking
  7. Brake light on
  • If you experience any of the symptoms you should bring your vehicle when for service. Don't ignore these signs they will only lead to more costly repairs. Catching them early can help save you money. You can bring your vehicle into our automotive repair shop and we will check these symptoms for free.