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You are here : Auto Repair  >  BG Services  >  Power Steering Flush
May 21, 2018

Power Steering Flush



The Power Steering Flush is a process that helps prevent failure of the seals and gaskets inside the power steering pump and steering rack. Power steering fluid deteriorates fast due to high operating temperatures and pressures. Fluid deterioration can be credited with an estimated 300% increase in power steering repairs over the past fifteen years. Power steering flushing can prevent expensive power steering failures. That why we strongly recommend having your power steering serviced. Preventative maintnance is key to avoiding costly repairs. 

Come in today for a free inspection of your fluid by one of our certified auto mechanics !


  • Steering pump noises
  • Hard or erratic steering
  • Pump leaks                                      


  • Replaces degraded power steering fluid                                                       
  • Dissolves power steering deposits
  • Softens and conditions brittle seals
  • Removes accumulated contaminants


  • Eliminated steering squeal
  • Corrected jerky or hard steering
  • Long component life


Hear is a video link with more info on the power steering service        https://youtu.be/iIZeYzNSQqw


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