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You are here : Auto Repair
May 21, 2018

Auto Repair

To keep your vehicle running properly at all times, we at A1 Auto Masters, offer a number of Auto Mechanical services in the Houston TX 77041 area that are carried out by our certified auto service and repair technicians. We specialize in the following areas:


If your vehicle doesn't start, if it overheats or backfires, you probably need to get your engine diagnosed for faults and get it repaired. Our  skilled  engine repair technicians provide you comprehensive engine repair and part replacement services.



 If your vehicle is having transmission problem, visit our Houston TX auto repair shop. We can check the transmission fluid and over all performance of the transmission system and perform the required repair.



 Differential is a critical part of your vehicle's drive train that enables the left and right wheels to spin at different speeds while making  turns. Our technicians specialize in differential fault diagnose, repairs and replacements.



 Radiator: A1 Auto Masters
 is your one-stop-shop for all radiator repairs. We provide professional services for radiator leaking and corrosion  problems.




 Brakes: If you want to avoid costly repairs or disastrous brake failure, it is important to get your brakes inspected at least once in 6 months by a  qualified technician. At A1 Auto Masters, we thoroughly inspect your entire braking system and offer repair solutions, if required. We inspect vehicle's brakes for unwanted noise, abnormal pedal feel, brake shoe abrasion and also check if the parking brake is functioning properly. If loose or broken, we provide you with instant repair and replacement services.



 CV Axles: The axle connects two wheels together at the front as well at the back. When it comes to axle inspection, we can provide you with  professional and knowledgeable service. Bring your vehicle at our auto repair shop for complete diagnose/ repair of vehicle’s axle and stay assured  that the CV axles carrying you and your family are working properly.



 Shocks & Struts: 
Shocks and struts play vital roles in vehicle's safety, handling and control. If working properly, they can also increase brake life and  shorten braking/stopping distances. Our auto repair shop provides shocks and struts inspection and replacement services.




If you are trying to start your vehicle, but can’t quite get the job done and hear unusual sounds, it could possibly be the “starter” or “self”  having  some problem. We perform complete diagnose and check starter motor for damage and provide best repair and replacement options.




If you notice your dash lights flickering when starting your car, or dimming headlights or if your car stop or stall out while driving, the  reason might  be a fault in alternator. Our auto repair shop provides quality repair and alternator replacement services in Houston and Katy, Texas.




 Throttle Body: 
The throttle regulates the flow of gas to your vehicle's engine. If the throttle body or cable has carbon build up or starts going bad, it  should  be dealt immediately. We provide complete throttle check up and repair services.

 If your vehicle's tires show excessive wear or you are experiencing poor steering control, your vehicle may have suspension issues.  Bring your vehicle to our repair shop, our technicians provide suspension and steering repair services in Houston TX.

 If you are in need of muffler or exhaust repair services, we can help. We are fairly priced with excellent quality materials and top notch  service.

 Belts/ Tensioner: A belt tensioner is a device that applies pressure to the belts to keep them tight and hold them in place. If weak or misaligned, the  tensioner will not apply enough pressure on the belts, causing them to break. At A1 Auto Masters, we recommend that belts/ tensioner must be  checked  regularly and replaced at the first sign of wear.


 If your vehicle's battery needs replacement or repair, we can help. We will make sure to check what is actually causing the problem before  we install  a new battery. If you do require a new one, our Houston TX auto repair shop stocks a range of batteries and we are ready for installation by  one of our  trained and certified auto technicians. We also offer batter repair and preventive maintenance services.

The technicians at A1 Auto Masters are highly trained to diagnose and service all electrical components in your vehicle including starter  and  alternator, power windows/door locks, power steering, taillights, lighting systems, warning lights, turn signals, wipers, dashboard components  and more.




 A/C & Heater: If your vehicle's AC and heater system appears to be faulty and is blowing hot and cold air at undesired standards, we can help you  out. Our  expert auto repair technicians have the skill and knowledge to accurately evaluate your vehicle's heating or cooling problem and provide  proper repair  options for the same.

 Ignition System:
 The ignition system of your vehicle is actually responsible for starting your car and keeping it running. We provide car ignition repair,  installation, and replacement services in Houston and Katy, TX.

A1 Auto Masters is happy to offer automotive repair and service to the Houston Tx 77041, Katy Tx, NW Houston, Jersey village, Copperfield, Cy Fair and Spring Branch area.