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Looking for a reliable and affordable auto repair shop in Houston TX?

We at A1 Auto Masters are your one stop shop for all your auto service needs. We are a full service preventive maintenance & automotive repair center serving the areas of Houston and Katy, Texas since 2010. No matter what your vehicle requires, a basic maintenance or a total engine repair, our expert auto repair technicians can handle all of your auto repair needs. We also provide scheduled maintenance of your personal vehicle or fleet car or truck.
Our Houston TX auto repair shop is equipped with some of the most up to date and sophisticated equipments to quickly perform a full system scan of your vehicle, identify the problems and explain any maintenance that your vehicle requires. Learn More

Our Services Include

Auto Repair

At A1 Auto Masters, we understand that you depend on your car and cannot afford to have it stalled. Thus, our technicians provide best auto repair services to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. Our auto repair services include fault diagnosis and repair for engine, electrical systems, A/C heater, brake faults, body repairs, radiator, suspension, transmission system and other faults. We also provide comprehensive repair for accidental vehicles.
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Fleet Services

The experienced technicians at our Houston TX auto repair shop are experts in fleet vehicle preventive maintenance. They work hard to make sure your commercial vehicles run smoothly, provide you reliable service and help you keep your business in the right direction. We provide you free diagnostic scanning and notify you of any repair that your vehicle requires. For your convenience, we will pick up your fleet vehicle/vehicles from your place, perform the necessary repairs and deliver the vehicle back to you on time.
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Auto Maintenance

The best way to reduce your auto repair costs is to keep your vehicle properly maintained. Here at A1 Auto Masters, we provide routine inspections and preventative car maintenance services. From air filters and brake fluid to tire maintenance and fluid changing, we perform an array of auto maintenance services to keep your vehicle running newer, longer – and without undue, added expenses.

Common Auto Maintenance Services Offered By Us:
  • Air filter Cleaning and Replacement
  • Brake fluid Change & Checking
  • Cabin Filter
  • Coolant Flush
  • Fuel injection servicing
  • Oil change and Lubrication
  • Manual Clutch Servicing
  • Power Steering check and servicing
  • Transmission Service check and servicing
  • Engine tuning
  • Tires pressure check
  • Windshield wipers check and replacement

For any of these auto services in Houston TX, give us a call today at (713) 690-2886 to request repair or maintenance services for your vehicle.

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